Prologue    RUS  

…All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream. — Edgar Allan Poe

When I photograph - with the long exposure technique - there is a sense of belonging to the manifestation of reality, its ghostly radiance: forms are created that never existed. Being in contact with light and the human body, with everything that in these seconds wants to be in the way of light, watching the transformation into unusual shapes, rejoicing that you can’t control this transformation, you catch the moment — you get an incredible charge, experience, amazement and — for a short moment – calm, satisfaction, spying on the nature of the process.

The image is similar to trying to recall the events of a dream. Blurred outline, the layering of imagery-conjecture-to-interpretation. Attempt to grab and hold, to break into the transient world: recognition of (un)experienced feelings, sensations, hints, men... faraway so close yourself and someone you never had. A dim shape of impalpable… invisible universe.

When I look in the ephemeral mirror of puddle, every leaf, stick and piece of dirt on this side — "in front of the mirror" – becomes part of the picture, and I imagine myself as "Other" — on the other hand – in her picture there is  the "back" of leaves, sticks, bits of mud. I like the exchange of guesses and imperfections. This is what I feel when I get pictures: I look "from behind".


"The state of creativity is a state of obsession. Until I started — obsession, until I finished – possession. Something, someone is moving into you, your hand is the performer — not you, but that one. Who is he? What wants to be through you... the state of creativity is the state of dreaming, when you suddenly, obeying an unknown necessity, set fire to a house or push a friend off a mountain. If this is your thing? Clearly - your (sleep, dreaming - after all - you!). Your - on full freedom, act you without conscience, you-of-nature."  - Marina Tsvetaeva, Russian Poet.

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